Our name says it all, we are leaders in the eight islands regarding sport timing services. We are responsible for the efficient management of timing hundreds of events each year in the Canary Islands. Not satisfied with that, we have also crossed the herring pond and other borders, becoming the official timers for the Spanish Triathlon Federation in more than 20 competitions, including Spanish, European and World Championships, without forgetting the European Triathlon Championship, which we covered in Lisboa, and the competitions of the Moroccan Triathlon Federation.

In addition, we do all this as partners of the prestigious sport timing brand MyLaps, because time is gold and that’s how we handle it.


If you attend sports events regularly, you have probably used one of the race numbers we have created. One small idea in our heads is enough to design a race number cloth which can meet the expectations of any race. And if you already have your design, do not worry, tell us how many you need, and we can print them for you.


Our team is ready to create and distribute services in the most efficient way possible. We are able to build an event up from scratch because we admit we are addicted to it, so do not hesitate and contact us if you need anything. The fact that days only last 24 hours is not a problem for us. Our extensive experience of more than 12 years specialising in this sector is something we don’t keep only for ourselves; we like to share it with those who are interested in entering the world of sports event management. Together we are stronger.


An event is nothing without entertainment, so you can count on us to bring the excitement that will make a difference to what you have created. We have quality equipment and the best music for all kinds of competitions, always accompanied by one of our professional announcers who will make all those present feel the excitement.


We have a wide range of brands to dress the participants just the way you want, from head to toe and with shirts tailored to your every need. We are official partners of 42k Running and Sporty, but we also work with Roly, Inverse or Tuga, so we can find the clothes that best meets your needs.
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42K Running is the right choice for all those who want a quality shirt, with lightweight and breathable fabric with a great variety of colors. It is a garment designed by runners for runners

The Sporty fullprint t-shirts are ideal if you are looking for a totally customized garment for your sports club or Premium event, where the image of your brand is the absolute protagonist of the press. Our shirts sublimated made with technical textiles are guaranteed to be exclusive because our design is tailor-made, you choose the colours and we do the magic.


It is well known that some events earn more revenue from merchandising than from any other source, so if you are looking for ways to promote yours and make it prevail over time, we are here. Marquees, sunglasses, neck warmers, arm and leg warmers, flags, finish line arches… For anything you need, we are also available at


Our arches have brought much joy to the participants searching the horizon for the final reward for their effort, the finishing line. We offer an eye-catching presence and display to hundreds of organizers who entrust us with one of the most important locations in any event. We decorate the arches with silkscreened tarpaulins, which we also manage ourselves. Just leave it to us. We also offer a rental service for marquees for the sports events that we manage or as part of our additional services besides timing, sound, etc.


Our creative team is able to design a brand from zero and take it to the top in record time. We work all areas of the creative sector, from illustration to web design through personalized social network management. If you can imagine it, we can create it.


Every event requires a qualified team of photographers who capture the most moving and remarkable moments with their cameras. No matter where or when, our team of professionals is there at the exact time to take that special picture you imagined from the moment the idea of creating a sports event popped up in your head.


Our fleet of vehicles allow us to transport bikes to the events that require so. From Lanzarote to El Hierro, and all the remaining islands. This allows sportswomen and men to enjoy a more comfortable trip, confident that their “baby” is being kept safe in the hands of our Top team.


We all like to celebrate our success at the podium by raising a trophy or biting our deserved medal after a big challenge. We have a wide range of commemorative objects absolutely customizable.